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Depth of socket?

Joining in

I’m having Virgin Media installed at the end of this week, and I’m planning the best place for the socket and router to go.

I have a small gap between the external wall and a freestanding alcove unit, which would be ideal if I can be sure it’s enough space. 

Could anyone provide a measurement for the space required for the socket please?


Alessandro Volta

I think the VM wall socket isn't too different from the size of an Openreach phone socket. More to the point is whether you have an electrical socket to power the hub and any other devices.

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Thanks for the reply on this, after a little more digging and measuring I think the problem I’m going to have is the part that ‘sticks out’ from the backing plate to plug the cable into.

I’ve attached an image to explain, I’m assuming that these are the type fitted as standard now? In my old property there was a flatter unit with a cable hanging out of it that I think I could have gotten away with in the space.

Plug sockets aren’t a problem thankfully, there’s a double socket on the opposite side of the unit, and all the wiring can be hidden behind if all goes to plan.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Older style sockets are slightly deeper than the new ones and the cable egress is on the bottom not the front. Possibly the technician will have one of the old style on his van.

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Ok thanks, that’s potentially promising. At a push I have 4cm to work with, so it might just be enough for the old style if they’re still around.

Worst case I could have the install a bit further over with a longer cable, but with a toddler in the house who loves nothing more than unplugging things, out of sight would be preferable.