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Continous t3 and t4 timeouts, loss of connection


Had various loss of connections over the past two weeks. Checked the network logs and see a continuous trend of T3 and T4 timeouts. In some scenarios, the router just gets stuck in a loop and goes around in circles resetting itself and rebooting. Tried all the various VM web help options, pin hole resets, power cycle all devices, with no luck. I've unplugged everything and redone the whole setup to ensure everything is tight and fixed with no loose connections.

Can't seem to speak to anyone over the phone or via web chat. I've been with VM 5 weeks now and I've had more internet drop outs in the last two weeks than the whole two years with my previous provider. This is very much last resort for an indication of the issue as I haven't got a clue what other options I have to try and speak to someone.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Forum Team
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Re: Continous t3 and t4 timeouts, loss of connection

Hi Bobman688, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

I'm really sorry you've been having some issues with the services, I can appreciate the frustration. 

I'd also like to apologise for the delay in getting back in touch, we have been busier than usual. 


I've had a look at the back end of your services and I can see that the team has offered a resolution since you posted, can I ask how things are working for you at the moment?

We're around if you need any further help. 

Emma_C - Forum Team
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