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Connection keeps dropping on wired connection

Joining in

So we have recently got a new business router, Hitron Chita. And the connection keeps dropping periodically every 5-10 minutes. I have reseted the router. they also done a reset on their end, they done some tests as well in the centre which of course came back all clear. The lan port on the backside of the router, where you plug in your ethernet cable, the amber light flashes and the green is off. Not sure if that means something. I have ordered a network and new cable to make sure that's not the case. But other than that, does anyone have any idea? I'd appreciate any help, it's been going on for a whole week now.


Alessandro Volta

The forum is for VM residential customers. If you are a VM business customer you won't get any official VM help on here, unfortunately.

Swapping out the network cable for a new one would be a useful thing to try first of all though.

The colour of the ethernet lights may indicate the link speed (don't know the specifics for that device) but orange may mean a 10/100 connection and green gigabit.