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Tuning in

I’m trying to use the scanning feature of the Connect app and it is trying to connect to the original wifi network name which I changed, as recommended. So can’t scan


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Lombie01, thank you for reaching out on our help forum about this issue faced with our App.

We'd be eager to assist with this, could you please confirm the below so we can advise more?
a) are you connected via the Wi-Fi network of the Hub and have the latest version of the Connect App installed on your device?
b) if you reset the Wi Fi name and/or password to the original, does this resolve the issue?

Please, let us know and we're happy to help further.

Forum Team

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Honestly, I now have working Wifi around the house after multiple calls to Virgin and wasted time, a ‘new’ hub and, now 3 pods, I can’t be bothered to fault-find your software for you. Nothing personal, to you, but these things should be working when delivered, not have ti have countless hours spent faul-finding for users. 
I appreciate that the pods didn’t cost me any extra and 🤞are currently working fine, in my opinion, the pods should have a WPS button, which would allow them to connect straight away, rather than taking 24 hours or more, to connect. 
The instructions for the hubs also need to include the fact that there is a (very) good chance that you will need to reboot the hub to get them to work at all. 
I’ve been a Virgin (Cabletel, NTL) customer for over 25 years and the service has never been as poor as it is now, it seems that, like many companies, replacing customer service with ‘smart’ software to save money, and ‘make things easier for customers ’ ( without sufficient testing), while potentially a good idea, has backfired.