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Confused about broadband setup for new home

Joining in

So I'll be moving house soon as we've just sold up. I currently just have the VM 100mb package and I'm wanting to take that package with me. Already checked if that's possible and thankfully it is.

The problem is the house I'm moving in to (shared with my partners mother) already has utility warehouse internet (pretty sure its TalkTalk line). My question is, can I have my VM line AND the utility warehouse internet in the same house? Reason being is keeping the UW line makes all her other bills cheaper. Do they use different lines?


Alessandro Volta

Yes, they use separate wires, so both can run alongside each other.  I take it your partner's mother knows that the VM install will involve wall drilling, wires up the front of the house and a wall box mounted inside, and that the VM equipment will add about £40 a year to her electricity bill?  The owner/landlord of the property will also have to formally consent to the installation with VM.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi toshigama,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

You can have both services in the property. 

You can contact the sales team via 0800 183 1234