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Can I keep Humax Box 1TB?

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I’ve cancelled Virgin Media and they sent me an email stating that the Router is worth £40 whilst the Humax Box is worth £0. I want to take out the HDD and use it.

Will I be charged if I keep the Humax Box and only return the Router?


Alessandro Volta

Legally VM are required to take back for reuse or recycling all equipment they have supplied, regardless of what they prefer for their own convenience. So you should return the box with any other items.

But if you remove the hard disk, they can hardly suggest that you have reduced the value of something they have already said in writing is worthless.

I'll be returning my V6 box soon. but will not be removing the HD only because I have no use for it. I have too many redundant HDs already and they are a pain to safely dispose of. 

- jpeg1
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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You could take out the HDD for your own use, but don't use it for anything you might rely on. If it is any age at all (if indeed it was new when you got it) the HDDs in these units are very high usage & get hammered in their lifetime. It may pack in on you after very little use.

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