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Can I get Virgin without rewiring?

Hi guys, I'll try to keep this simple!

I moved into my flat around a year and a half ago and have been with BT. I would like to now join Virgin as I know that the previous owners had Virgin but it seems that the wiring etc. that we currently have is very antiquated.

I was hoping to find out if we could get Virgin Media with the current wiring we have or whether this would have to all be changed. The wiring currently runs from the kitchen, across the hall and into the living room by going in and out of wall and under skirting board etc. so you can imagine why I'm reluctant to go ahead with Virgin if it will all require changing or rewiring.

I've attached some photos to assist if possible; one of the VM phone line in the kitchen and the adapter (I think) that sits along side it. The wire runs from the adapter through the flat to the living room and I have also attached a photo of the end of the cable,

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks 🙂End of CableEnd of Cable


Adapter (?)Adapter (?)


Phone LinePhone Line


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Re: Can I get Virgin without rewiring?

Happy to help, in most case you should be able to use the old cables as long as they are not damaged.

I can arrange for someone to check these for you, I will send you a private message and see what we can do for you.

thank you


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