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Advice on ordering while current connection active

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Hi, I need some advice on my current situation. We are tenants who got a bills included package last year, and therefore our Virgin Media is managed by our agents. This forthcoming July, we will be staying in the same house, however we are no longer bills included and will be dealing with everything ourselves including broadband. I understand that ordering now would just get it cancelled since there is an active connection currently. However this ends sometime in July and I would like to order now since there is a student offer that is free setup + activation (ends June 23rd). Is it possible since we are the same tenants to get the previous contract cancelled and rolled onto the new one? And what will this possibly incur fee wise? 

Thanks in advance. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good morning,

Thank you for reaching out to us here and welcome to the community.

Whilst there is an active account at your property we will be unable to add another one in your name. In situations like this we will need to process a cancellation of the old account before we can take an order from yourselves. It is you’re a common process as however you would need to speak to one of our team to get things moving.

If you would like I am happy to support you with this, I will drop you a private message for some details and help you speak to the right people.

thank you 


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