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Address not listed but neighbouring addresses are

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Good evening,

I've been trying to resolve this issue for around a year. We moved to a newly built property and highlighted that the address list ends at my next-door neighbours property.

There's another 3 addresses (including ours) that are missed off the list of properties on this street, within this estate. The new build team a year ago highlighted they weren't aware of this issue as they had been informed by the developer of the full property list on site, though I highlighted there was clearly a miscommunication or misunderstanding, considering my direct neighbours property is listed.

To clarify, there is an VM Omnibox (coax) on the side of our property and I've raised this directly with the new build team, through the missing address web-form and lastly, with the social media team every month since February. Despite numerous attempts, they're unable to get someone from the field team to add the 3 missing addresses.

Thanks in advance.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Maffewem,

Thanks for posting this and a warm welcome to our Community Forums 🙂
Sorry you've been struggling with this issue for a while, with lots of help from other departments yet still with no resolution. 

Can I ask if a "Spotter Form" has been filed? This would send a surveyor out to your property to look at the feasibility of service and, if not feasible, explain why.



Hi Meg,

I'm not aware as to whether one of these has been filed. I chased the new build team on a few different occurrences and they were always prompt to respond. They explained the service is now live within the estate, although the issue appeared to be our address not being listed, despite properties next door being shown. 

The team previously informed me that they weren't aware the properties were addressed beyond the last listed address, as they hadn't been told by the builder. At this point, its been an impossibility to get any further.

As mentioned, we have a Virgin Omnibox and Virgin green-duct work installed to the Virgin Media manholes on the footpath outside our property.

Hi Maffewem, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. 

The best thing to do would be to speak to the Sales Team and request for a spotter to see if the address can be added. If it's been missed previously, there is the possibility that no work can be completed to get you connected due to work being restricted in New Build areas. Hopefully, as you've mentioned the Omnibox and green duct work has been done, this could mean we are able to provide a service. 

The sales team will be able to fill in the spotter form to progress this further for you. 

Let us know how you get on.

Forum Team

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