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13 days without service

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What an absolute shambles! 

13 days without broadband and possibly another 8 working days to go as no one can send the correct engineers the first time.

issue started with the outside engineer install apparently as the inside engineer came out and said “they’ve done something wrong on the telegraph pole”.

12 calls later to the virgin “customer support team” and a revisit is arranged after specifically stating the issue the technician said.

engineer arrived with no idea what he was doing and said I haven’t got the gear to go on the telegraph pole.

5 more visits arranged and to my dismay I get message after message of “sorry we could not make it today” after 8 calls on the day to customer services being assured that someone would come out.

eventually an engineer arrives 9 days after the original switch on date to say that the port in the telegraph pole is dead and this will need to be escalated to the IT department, stating I should get a call back in two days with an update.

day 13 and I chase them to be told no updates are available and they do not know what’s going to happen and when told that if there is still an issue on Tuesday with no update I will cancel my contract I try to get told that is not possible due to the cooling off period.

its about time your customer services can actually serve a customer as this is an out right joke now! Getting put through to department after department and gaining no insight as it’s all overseas support


Knows their stuff

At present all you have done (or tried to do) is book an installation - the contract bit only kicks in after the installation is done and services working properly and the fourteen day right to cancel period commences.

You have an option to just phone up and cancel the installation if there is an alternate provider available - you have already discovered what VM service is like - there are many similar or even worse accounts on the forum.

I believe that you are still entitled to compensation but suggest that if so minded firstly to get your cancellation in and be aware you may well be lied to to avoid this - you should make sure you record the call using a free app on mobile phone

Good luck with it

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lee_j_brown,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to see you have had no Internet for over 13 days and have not had any updates, so we can check this investigated I have sent you an invite into a private chat, please look out for the white envelope.



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Your problems are identical to mine. I'm 22 days without Broadband. They've managed to fix my pole which was stated "dead" like yours, but now I have not been assigned an IP Address, so I am still left without Broadband and still being lied to. I was told on Saturday it would take 24 to 48 hours. I called again and they said I've got to wait another 48 hours as the form wasn't filled in for their Networking Team the first time around. Honestly losing the world to live. 

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I also forgot to mention, this can take, days, weeks or months. I was told this by AvonLines when they came out to do my pole the first time around, this is because they need to identify where the problem is. Luckily my problem was on the pole itself and was apparently resolved. I'll keep you in the loop with mine if you'd like.