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m500 problems

So basically we upgraded from m200 to m500 the other day, and the speeds are not really an issue, some devices reach high speeds. The main problem is that some devices are reaching mega high speeds and others are barely working. Most of our devices only run on 2.4 ghz, like smartphones, and when playstation 5 and amazon fire stick is on we have really bad wifi on our phones. there is never more than 10 devices connected max, but my grandsons ps5 downstairs (the hub 3.0 is upstairs) is still on a poor connection most of the time. I thought that having m500 would solve our problem seeing as it says ideal for 4k streaming and gaming, but really we have seen no difference. 

Also, sometimes, maybe 3 or 4 times a day, the wifi just goes off for a few seconds and then comes on again, which obviously disconnects my grandson from his online games, which is annoying. Is there any thing i can do to get all devices working well? the amazon fire stick reaches an insane speed of 800mbps and seems to dominate the internet when its on, is there any way of being able to tone this speed down and filter it to other devices, particularly the ps5 downstairs? preferably dont want to spend on extra routers etc and im not rally tech savvy as such but know the basics. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: m500 problems

Speeds/bandwidth won’t increase Wifi signal reach.

If most of your devices are 2.4Ghz only devices they’ll only achieve speeds of 50-80Mbps max. 

To do what you’re looking to do you’ll need to get a third party router or mesh system.

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