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intermittent connection in Area 06 (kent)

(I repeated this post on this Board as it is not a new installation issue)

tech details;


I have a Hub 3.0, wired b/band using cable (not a phone line)

Connectivity with the external b/band service (connection with the virgin service) is intermittent since Sunday.. 

Internal (inside my house) WiFi and gigabyte LAN connections are all ok. Hub has been rebooted and factory reset a couple of times so far.

Connectivity issues since Sunday, no help online. Monday,  after a full day of waiting on the phone I spoke to Roland  who took ,me through the usual checks but finally admitted that there is an issues that should have been resolved by 20:00 last night.
He also promised I would be called back.

Today, Tuesday ., no phone call and I am still losing connectivity. Virgin website now says there is a fault which will be fixed by 10:45 tomorrow, Weds 11th..

Any one else in this Area having issues and  suggestions on how to get some service?


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: intermittent connection in Area 06 (kent)

Area codes are used for billing not geo locations.

If there is a service issue with an estimated fix date then you need to wait for it to be fixed.

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