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connection issues

My router has been flashing non stop for 3 weeks, check and nothing but warning messages about unable to connect partial connection etc , internet keeps dropping in and out about 10 times an hour, im wired as virgin said there was nothing wrong and it must my pc which is only 2 years old so i use a brand new cable still not working right, no point phoning as the customer service is total garbage if you have a problem that's not on there script they are stumped, you really need uk call centres. I have no option but to leave this time this problem has been going for over a year with no help or fix insight even the engineer that came just looked at router did not actually touch it said was fine and it was my pc use a cable and left so goodbye virgin after 23 years you are rubbish, you are quick to take customers money but offer no help just telling customers its their fault

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Re: connection issues

When it does come back on set up a BQM at - this will give you an insight into what is happening with the signal coming into the property, it will take a few hours to get any kind of trend showing.

Then In the meantime it may be a good idea to carry out a factory reset on the Hub …
With the Hub Powered on use a paperclip or similar do a pinhole reset.
Depress the pinhole switch for a timed 60 seconds then release.
DO NOT reboot the hub but allow it 5 to 10 minutes for it to boot itself up.
Once a steady white and no other lights are illuminated check your swevice again.

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