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UNDERSTANDING KEY ASPECTS OF WiFi WiFi is a somewhat notorious, though essential commodity. In many cases, when its behaviour does not meet the user’s perception of the claims made by the ISP (e.g. Virgin Media), the blame is quickly heaped on the IS...

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Sephiroth by Alessandro Volta
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Getting a better Wireless Network Signal

Seeing so many posts about Good, Bad & ugly Wifi, I thought I would post some suggestions for people out there.   There are definitely good, midrange & poor routers with quite variable performance wifi.  Never expect a mass market product to be the b...

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Router performance

HiWe've been with Virgin for many years now but are thinking of leaving.We should be getting 100Mb/s. Connecting va an ethernet lead that is what we receive. Holding a wireless device up to the router (say 500mm) we get around 90Mb/s 5m or so from th...

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RobertN1 by Joining in
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WiFi Signal

I am setting up a room thermostat using ESi Centro App.  Manual states that thermostat only operates in 2.4 GHz range. How do I find out if my Virgin Router is broadcasting its WiFi signal in 2.4 GHz range?

accmac by Just joined
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Hub 5 and connection problems

Hi I got a new Hub 5 and everything has connected apart from Samsung A6 tablet. I have forgot network, switched both off and still comes up with connected no Internet. Hub 3 already sent backHas anyone got an easy fix? 

Low EMF modem

I am EMF sensitive and suffer from migraines when I am in high wifi settings. I recently got my modem changed and am now unable to switch off wifi on it. Even when the online system says wifi is off, my EMF sensor and my computer still detect high le...

ncoulon by Joining in
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Power Boosters

Hi - Installing the VM boosters - what do they appear as on list of networks - only one i can see is called Virgin Media?? it then prompts me for a user name and password - never been asked for a user name before - any help appreciated

BULLROOT by Joining in
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Require wifi pod

Good morning. I am a Volt customer but having difficulty getting WiFi signal around the house. How can I order a WiFi pod please. I believe these are free as a Volt customer. Thanks. 

yasin61 by Tuning in
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Hub 4 help

 Hi,I currently pay for 1gig but I’m only getting Wi-Fi output of around 100mbps in the same room as the router.It’s the second router I’ve been sent and still no better.Does anyone know what I could do to speed it up? 


Resolved! Partial Service DS only

I seem to have an intermittent problem with my broadband connection.Some of the time, it seems to work fine...But... Intermittently, I lose the ability to use data and when I log into the router on my phone or laptop, it (often but not always) says '...

Ed3925 by On our wavelength
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