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Work VPN crippled

Tuning in

Hi all - I realise there have been various posts on this topic but I can't see any that help.

So... I have a 260Mb connection which is working fine on all my other devices but which is limping along on my work connection. It has worked fine in the past but has dropped now to the point of being unusable. It is stable in so much as it doesn't drop out but it is just dial-up modem speed.

Yesterday morning video calls were impossible. I did a speed test on work and personal laptops side by side... personal laptop getting about 250 Mbps over Wifi... work laptop getting 0.3 Mpbs over ethernet.

I checked with colleagues and they were getting speeds of over 30 Mbps so its not just the work VPN throttling my connection. Previously I had been getting speeds of 60 Mpbs

Work service desk have investigated everything and they said all is OK (in fact they sent me a new laptop) at their end and it must be ISP throttling traffic.

I realise that this isn't going to be easy to resolve for a few reasons, primarily because I work for the MOD and so there are lots of restrictions on what I can/can't do with my laptop.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



Yesterday a UK wide internet event affected the services of VM / BT / Plusnet.

From down detector site the time graphs of issues and the heat maps of cities were identical for all 3 ISPs - that is quite rare to see.

Work service desk for  IT should have been aware.

Don't waste time with VPN speed tests, only the speed permitted through VPN Exit point is being tested.

Hi @_Pauls 

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you are having issues with your work device.

We can understand your frustration and we want to do our best to help. Are you able to let us know how long this issue has been ongoing? Is your work device connected wirelessly or via wire? Does the issue persist based on the information provided by @Client62


Forum Team

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Apologies I didn't see the earlier reply.

I am aware of the issue where down detector showed big issues but this only affected one device out of many in my household so it seems unlikely to have been the cause, especially given that it has been ongoing for months albeit worse this week.

Speed test on the VPN is not a waste of time because it showed that other colleagues on the same VPN had speeds 60 times faster than mine despite having theoretical line speeds one tenth the speed of mine so it demonstrates it was not being throttled at the work end of things.

The machine connected to the work VPN was using a wired connection.

It is the second work machine I have had since switching to Virgin. Both had performance issues but it has been particularly bad for the last few days.

Hi _Pauls, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. 

As the issue is only happening on the work device, we can only assume it's a setting within the works VPN or the works laptop that is creating this issue. 

We don't throttle speeds at Virgin Media and as the speeds are right on other devices, there isn't much more we can help with on this. 

You could speak to our Gadget Rescue team who may be able to provide some assistance however due to the security on the laptop due to your work, it's possible they will also have challenges helping. You can view more on this here

There may also be more members of the Community who are able to help too. 

Apologies once again. 

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs