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Wi-Fi issues on some devices

On our wavelength


I've got a weird problem, involving the Superhub 3. I'm on the M350 package.

Sometimes some of my devices just stop working when on the Wifi. They will be connected but just won't do anything. 

For example, my laptop will say connected and have full bars but then just won't load a page and will error. I've also had this happen with my iPhone 12 Pro, where it's connected but nothing works.
Furthermore, my Ps5 will randomly drop connection while playing and log me out, and it picks up the SSID, but when I do a test on the ps5. Sometimes it fails when trying to pick up the ip address, and others it failed when trying to connect.

I also received an iPad 9 from eBay today, and that's also been doing it, but then on the other hand half the other wifi devices in the house are working fine.

im not sure what to make of this and have a feeling it could be a router issue as this issue only started a few weeks ago and was working before.



So sorry, I'm not very technical, could you please explain how to do this?

Hi Fitzari,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some WiFi issues. So I can take a closer look at things I've popped you over a private message.