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VoIP phone not working in Hub 5

Just had Virginmedia broadband installed and everything is working great except the work’s VoIP phone doesn’t work, I am a bit worried that this issue seems to be on going, reading posts on the internet. Is there a solution available, the phone is a Polycom and it works as I’ve temporarily reconnected it to the old broadband ISP, whilst I’ve still got that service for this week before it ceases. I’ve read that I may have to go to the expense of purchasing a Wi-Fi router with gig Ethernet that is compatible with VoIP, and putting the Virgin Hub 5 into modem mode so as to get the VoIP phone to work..

I’ve checked the router and it doesn’t have the option to disable SIP/ALG which is on by default in the Hub 5 and it’s a setting that is best disabled for it to work with Hub 5.

Has anyone come across this issue before and is there a solution.

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Re: VoIP phone not working in Hub 5

Is the work's Polycom VOIP phone able to contact the VOIP servers ? ( i.e. not being blocked by VM Child Safe which are controlled in the VM online account )

I wonder if you can see ( or ask about ) the SIP port settings on the VOIP phone from your employer.

Hub / Router SIP ALG appears to be a problem for VOIP kit that uses the standard 5060/61 (TCP/UDP) ports for traffic inbound to the phone.

Our VOIP provider is Sipgate and specifically to overcome SIP ALG issues of domestic broadband routers a wide range of non standard UDP port numbers are supported. Our Cisco VOIP kit has 2 lines working fine using a set of RTP & UDP ports in the 46xxxx range.

The VM Residential Hub(3/4/5) support a telephone service in both Router vs Modem mode, so the SIP ALG status might not change with Hub mode. I'd be super happy to hear otherwise on that if the actual situation differs.

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