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VM Connect can't find Hub 4

Tuning in

Another one for the VM Connect not finding Hub 4.

No VPN, yes on VM Wifi, yes it is working, yes I can see Hub4 via IP.

Trying to connect to scan to get a first pod as bedroom speeds are 12 and below.

Help or shortcut to Pod from VM support via forum would be great - I won't be phoning support unless VM are going to refund the time spent on the phone from my monthly bill and I'm not sure you'd want to pay my hourly rates.


Tuning in

p.s. have tried on 2.4 and 5 - no joy. Latest firmware on Hub 4 and latest version of VM Connect. Cache etc cleared, app reinstalled, forum scoured and no consumer solution.


Seeing the Hub 4 via IP is a start..

But can you login in at   ?

Once the Hub 4 password is entered do you have a working admin menu or just a blank screen i.e. the classic Hub 4 Router mode admin menu death syndrome with both Connect App and any VM Pods failing to function.

Access via IP works - its just a rubbish user experience. I'm trying to get a pod but no obvious route without the Connect app working

Alessandro Volta

So you want free pod(s)?


Trying to confirm if a weak signal is the reason it drops out in the bedrooms - app should help find that and if it is then a pod should resolve. Net result probably yes, I need a pod

Hi Bigslippers

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community.

We're sorry to hear the connect app isn't finding your hub. 

Please try clearing the data within the Connect App. These steps will help you do that: 
For your Apple device, you can try this: Open Settings > Tap your name > Tap iCloud > Tap Manage Settings > Tap the Connect App > Tap Delete Data. 
For your Android device, you can try this: Open settings > Apps > Connect App > Storage > Clear data / Clear cache. 

Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Post 2 states "Cache etc cleared". 

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