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V3 box internet on LAN but not on wifi

So I have been having intermittent issues with wifi internet for months, but in the last two weeks its got so bad the system is virtually unusable.

I have my main PC, Hive hub and Xbox connected by LAN cables to the V3, other devices such as TVs, Sky Q, Laptops, security cameras etc are connected by wifi.

It used to be every so often, but now its every few hours, the wifi devices lose the internet. They are still connected to the V3, and the wifi signal is strong but the devices all show 'no internet'. On iOS devices this shows as 'no internet connection' in orange and phones will revert to a cellular service. Obviously TVs etc will not.

I have spoken to tech support who initially sent another V3 box (though if anything its worse on this one) and last night suggested I use the reset button as this 'fixes everything' (it does not). While the wifi devices report no internet my LAN devices are just fine, even ran a speed test and got 200+mbps so I don't think its the cabling or the connections.

I don't understand the fault, but I'm at the point of cancelling the contract with Virgin and going back to some other provider as, while the speed is awesome, having no internet wifi is un-workable. 

To finish off the reset button did nothing. Turning the V3 off and back on restores wifi internet but only for a few hours. When I check the satus the hub shows green as online, with 6 LAN devices but no wifi devices (because they all disconnect when there is no wifi)>


SO the V3 thinks it ok, but the devices cant get internet. And please dont suggest 4 iphone, 3 ipads, a Samsung tablet and two laptops are all at fault. I'm pretty sure its your crappy box...


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Re: V3 box internet on LAN but not on wifi

Hi jezbanks, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to our community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear you've been having some issues with the WiFi, I've run a health check and there are currently no issues showing.


Are you still having an issue with connecting since your post on Wednesday?



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