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Unstable LAN connection

Joining in

Hi there,

I'm having unstable LAN connection 12 months already. It keeps dropping connection, very laggy, cutting in and out. It is worser than my O2 4G mobile network.

No matter how much I restarted the hub, nothing helps. All devices including wired PC and wireless devices having the same issue. It is impossible to have a good online conversation through zoom or google meet since the connection keeps dropping out randomly.

Any advice is appreciated!


Community elder
Can you post your Hub status and logs?
Someone should be spot if there is a problem
Navigate to (or - if in modem mode)
Don't log in!
Click on 'router status'
Copy/paste the data from each of the tabs as text into a 'REPLY' as opposed to 'QUICK REPLY'. The forum software will remove the MAC addresses for you (If you get an error - just click the 'post' button again).

Also, set up a 'Broadband Quality Monitor'. This will monitor the state of your connection and record any network dropouts etc - You can do this at ThinkBroadband (
Give it a while to gather data and then click 'Share Live graph' and paste the 'Direct Link' into the forum!

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

Thanks for your help, I'll drop my monitoring live graph below.
However... connected to my router does not work
I don't know how to connect my Hub 4 right now


Virgin Media Hub 4 - Modem Mode - D-Link X1560
My Broadband Ping - My Home Broadband Connection connects to your Hub 4