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Speed issue - getting 10.5Mbps on 1 Gb package

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Got the upload boost to 104Mbps, shame my Download speed is only 10.5Mbps on my 1Gb package. Is it sad that I, after 18 months was over the moon to be getting 250-300 Mbps for the couple of weeks leading upto this recent upgrade, now it's tanked again since.



[MOD EDIT: Post moved from Blog. Subject title changed for clarity]


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Reply as can't edit - I'm now having to connect to the internet via a mobile hotspot as I have no internet connection at all - This despite the router displaying full white, finding zero faults when running checks and restarting it. 

The joke in all this is that I'm expected to start paying £136 p/m from this month for this service.

I've also had to take the day off work as I work in a work from home job and well, I can't work a full day on no internet connection and I certainly can't work using my mobile data for a full day on a limited data package.


A local service issue is quite likely.

Call the automated fault report service on 0800 561 0061 to see if there is a known local fault.

Hi purplecam3l,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, sorry to see you aren't getting your expected speeds since the upgrade, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have however wasn't able to see any issues as I was unable to run full checks, are you using a 3rd party Router?