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Reserved IP addresses with Hub 5.

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I've just received a replacement Hub 5 and it's working well.

I'd like to configure the Hub's DHCP server to associate some specific MAC addresses with particular IP addresses so I can set up naming for those in my local DNS.

In Advanced Settings / DHCP settings it looks like it should have the functionality I'm looking for but I'm having problems figuring out what I need to configure to get it working.

* The DHCPv4 server is enabled and working.

* The starting local address is set to

(Looks like you can only change the last octet).

* The number of CPEs is set to 245.

(I assume that means it will give IPv4 addrs in the range -> (10 + 245. Not sure that giving out is necessarily a good idea since that's the subnet broadcast address but hey-ho happy to give that a go.) 

* The lease time is set to 86400 seconds.

(Whatever :-).

In the Add reserved rule section I add the MAC address that I want to give a reserved address to and below that the IP address that I'd like to reserve for that MAC address. Any IP address I try however always seem to give the response in red "192.168.0.XX is not a valid IP address" (where XX is the octet I enter).

I've tried addresses below, I've tried addresses that aren't already allocated between and I tried decreasing the number of CPEs so there were some addresses outside the DHCP range. None of those worked and they all give the same error.

I assume I'm either doing something silly that I've failed to spot obvious on or there's some sort of issue.

Can anybody help with this?



Alessandro Volta

It don't work and VM don't care or want to support it.

use hub in modem mode and get your own router with 1Gb ports


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Given the odd behaviour consider following the advice here How Do I Reset Or Reboot Hub | Virgin Media Help and factory reset the Hub to see if issue persists.

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Hmmm. Annoying.