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Red flashing hub 4

Tuning in


Was watching TV and all of a sudden my TV comes up with error code cs2004 and my hub starts to flash constantly red. Done all the troubleshooting to no avail and apparently service in my area "isn't an issue". Obviously it is!!


Need this sorting asap considering the euros are on and I can't watch it!!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Usually indicates you have lost connection with the VM CMTS. 

Check with Area faults on 0800 561 0061 If you have a VM landline 150 this goes down to post code level. You could also try the web page status, but this is not recommended as it only covers issues that affect a very large number of customers.

VM will not dispatch any technicians while an area fault exists.

If no area faults found:

The primary place to report faults or for service requests is Customer Services on 0345 454 1111/150 if you have a VM landline or wait two or three days for a VM staff member to get to your post.

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello SaltyBalls


Sorry to hear of the service issues experienced, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


From checking the account we can see there is currently an known area issue impacting both broadband and TV. The estimated fix time is showing as today, 27 June. Updates for the estimated fix time can be found here.