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Random Port 1 Drops using Hub 4 in modem mode

Joining in

Hi All,

I have been having an issue over the last couple of months where all of a sudden I was getting random drops to my internet connection throughout the day and evening. Unrelated to contention as the times would be even into the late evening / early mornings.

My setup I use the Hub 4 in Modem mode and have a Linksys WRT3200ACM with OpenWrt running on it. I have set up monitoring on the router. I have gone so far as to change the cable between the router and the hub, change the firmware of the router (Upgraded and downgraded), even change the router with another and still have the same issue. Virgin sent over an engineer and they replaced the Hub. The rest of the day the Hub was fine, then it looks like it must have got an update early one morning and reboot (As I could see this on the monitoring on the Router), and since then this issue has come back. Not as frequent, but from experience before, after rebooting the Hub it would work for about a week, but slowly the drops would become more frequent.

The monitoring I have in place is running pings to cloudflare DNS, Google DNS and the BBC website, and all drop out at the time this occurs. Also the logs on the router are showing that the link starts flapping at that time. It shows that the link to the hub drops and comes back numerous times over about a 30 seconds, though can last for about 2 minutes.

One time I saw this occur I was on the interface section of the OpenWRT gui and noticed that the IP address on the WAN port for the router changed from the usual Internet IP address to This was for about a second or two and then flipped back to Internet IP address you would expect.

When the engineer came out, he did mention he had spoken to some customers he had been to that they had something like this, but could not confirm fully if this was the exact same issue, but sound close enough.

Is there some software/firmware update has been released to these hubs that potentially makes Modem Mode a little unstable? If there are any Virgin Media Technical people reading this I would happy to chat to them to if they would like to get more details on this.

Has anyone else had this type of behaviour over the last couple of months ?

Sorry for the long post.


Alessandro Volta
Might be VM are not testing second hand hub

test with a PC to hub in modem mode

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi liquidkool, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that the connection is dropping. 

Can you confirm how the test went with the PC as advised by legacy1? 

How is the connection fairing at the moment?


"the link to the hub drops and comes back numerous times over about a 30 seconds" -  reads like a connectivity issue.

Hub4 network sockets appear super sensitive to network cable quality.

I thought that was possible so bought some good quality cat6 cables and replaced what was there. Also tried some cat 6 cable I had spare at home. The issue still occurs.

Hello liquidkool.

Sorry the issue still exists after changing cables.

May I ask if this happens on all the Ports?

If so we may need to invite you in to pass security and arrange a like for like hub swap.


When you put the hub in modem mode you can only use one port (port 1)

I have already had the hub replaced, and still getting the issue. Sometimes I see the port flap other times I see complete timeouts on the monitoring I have running constantly. Also notice it when working from home and it freezes up for about 30 seconds. 

something is just not right on the virgin network. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Post some stats from your hub.

How to get stats from a VM hub (no need to logon to the hub)

Open a web browser and go to router mode or modem mode

  • Click on the “> Check router status” button
  • Click on the “Downstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply, do not take a screen shot
  • Click on the “Upstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply
  • Click on the “Networking” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply.
    • Do NOT post photos or screen shots they will be rejected as they contain MAC addresses. The board software will automatically change MAC addresses to **:** if done as above.

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Good Afternoon @liquidkool, thanks for coming back to the thread.

Following the request and advice from @Tudor, are you able to provide stats from your hub?

Kindest regards,


I am trying to, but between HTML errors, Characters exceeded and post flooding errors, it is becoming extremely tedious