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Promised hub upgrade and same hub 3 just received!

On our wavelength

As the title says, I telephoned yesterday, spoke to customer service who promised hub upgrade and whilst it was delivered very quickly, it’s the same hub 3 I already have!!

Had an engineer out today to resolve ongoing tv/wifi issues - he replaced our main box, left the same mini in the other room and left.

Then this hub 3 arrives when I was told I’d be getting an upgraded hub.

How is this incompetence even possible? - why would I even want a replacement which is the same crappy hub 3 with yet another crappy hub 3!



Many have left the serene service of the Hub 3 for a Hub 5 only to find ...

... a multitude of severe WiFi defects & a broken DHCP server & endless Ghost calls.

Serene service of hub 3 - you are joking right?  -  besides, being promised an upgrade to either hub 4 or 5 and then receiving another hub 3 is not exactly following through on what was promised is it?

Joking about the Hub 5 as being a decent modem but quite problematic as a router ?

That would be a no.

Well, if the 5 is THAT problematic, I’d take a 4. Even that’s gotta be better than a 3.


Is there a VM staff member here who can correctly organise a hub 4 replacement as it took me forever to get through to someone with half a brain yesterday 

Is there any VM rep that can help sort this issue for me please?

Anyone from VM able to help resolve this?

Does anyone from VM read these things and actually help?

@Client62 wrote:

Many have left the serene service of the Hub 3 for a Hub 5 only to find ...

... a multitude of severe WiFi defects & a broken DHCP server & endless Ghost calls.

Ghost calls - only some users and if you don't have phone service it isn't an issue.

In modem mode, the HUB5 for me has been the best hub VM have produced so far. My SNR figures were better under HUB5 as it must have more sensitive tuner to lock onto the frequencies than the previous ones. I think there may also be a couple of hardware revisions of HUB5 too. Mine is v1.1.

On our wavelength

The above is all well and good but I just want a reliable router, not a modem. Hub 3 is pathetic, by all accounts a hub 5 is just as problematic as a router so all I want is a hub 4.

I have phoned VM several times now and keep getting fobbed off even though I was promised a free upgrade to a hub 4. Last guy I spoke to said he would open a complaint and I’d get a call within 48hrs - guess what, no call.

Im hardly surprised really as the VM after sales service is shockingly bad, I can’t wait for my contract to end and I’ll happily jump ship from the crappy world of virgin media and lacklustre support, getting told one thing and then another is complete garbage.

Im still waiting for a VM forum member to step in here, but I’m not holding my breath as why should I expect any better service here than from contacting VM directly.

The whole thing is an absolute sham.