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Network Error C133

Joining in

Hi - I have a Network C133 error code come up.


I've rebooted 4 times now, the last time I unplugged for 15 min. Last time an engineer attended for the same code I think he re searched my Internet and signed back in. I don't have the option to do this. Can anyone help?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @EmmaGilb, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issue you've been experiencing with the error code appearing.

Can you please confirm if your set top box is connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable?

Do you have broadband issues when connecting to multiple other devices?



Hi, I have a yellow cable that runs from the box to the hub. Internet is working fine, we're all connected to it via our phones.

Thank you @EmmaGilb 

Can I ask where you are seeing this error code? On one or multiple devices? 

When I go to the home screen on my TV it shows at the top.  I cannot access any catch up or on demands as well as MyApps.

Thank you @EmmaGilb and I am so sorry again to hear this is happening! 

Are you able to pop the set top box on so we can run some checks on our side?

Hi, Im not at home but its currently all switched on.

Thank you @EmmaGilb we would need the box to be turned on and playing rather than just stand by.

Are you able to pop this on when you get back and message here to let us know? 

I'm back now, tv box and Internet hub is switched on

Thank you @EmmaGilb 

Are you able to follow these steps on the box: Home>Help & Settings>Settings>Network>Change Network Settings