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My Samsung phone keeps dropping internet connection - but connected to the hub

Joining in

I have a 6 month old VM M100 (now M125) servcie with phone and a Hub 3.0

Most evenings the hub stops serving data to my Samsung phone (new A54) - happens after a few hours.

If I stop the wifi servcie on the phone and restart again everything is good.

Any suggestions people?

PS - we;re stuck with VM for at least another 8 months - leaving just as they hike our prices πŸ™‚

Thanks, David



VM Hub 3's WiFi Channel Optimisation can be a source of dropped connections.

Our Hub 3 provides very stable WiFi with the following options set in the Hub's menus :

Wireless Security



Just changed settings - do I have to re-boot?



Joining in

Failed again last night - - stopped servinig data to my Samsung A54 after a couple of hours - annoyingly it kept the wifi open that meant the 5G didin't kick in so I lost loads of stuff overnight!?  I am moving towards turning my phone's wifi off every night now - not a good route!?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi dbcallaghan, 

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

We are very sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the broadband connection on your phone. 

We have ran some checks from our side and can confirm there are no issues currently showing in your area and your Hub appears to be running within specification. 

With this being the case, can you please confirm if you are having any issues on any other device or if it is just your phone that is impacted? 

Thank you, 




Hi Natalie,

Many thanks for getting back to me πŸ™‚

I'm documenting these - happening at least once a day.

My phone (Samsun A54) updated last night but still dropped wifi at 07:17 this morning.

My phone has no problems when connected to other routers or EduRoam at the School.

I think your easiest solutions (given the router is running up to date firmeware) is to send an additional 'repeater' or similar that can serve modern phones without these issues.  I can hardwire this to the VM hub.









As this affects just the A54 mobile, that mobile could well be the problem.


Thanks for the resoponse.

I disagree πŸ™‚ 

As I said, the A54 works well with other routers.  It's the VM router is isn;t working with.  I've travelled 1000s of miles and 100s of routeres with this A54, and th3 VM one at home is the only one with this problem.  Hence more likely the VM router.



Hello dbcallaghan.

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Community.

Sorry to hear you are having a niggle with your Samsung phone

Can you try this below and see if that fixes the drops

Tap on Network & Internet or Connections > Wi-Fi. Tap the gear icon next to the Wi-Fi network  your device is connected to. Tap on MAC address type. Select Use phone MAC.

If it's still an issue please can you let me know.