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MAC address blocking

Tuning in

Within the last couple of months my cctv server has been unavailable on WAN.

issues have included port 80 being closed, after a complaint it was reopened, I now find the MAC address for the NVR / Server is blocked.

A tech visited this morning and after establishing with him my credentials and vast experience he admitted Virgin are blocking servers from residential customers.

they may have their reasons for this and I appreciate there is considerable iptv streaming taking place but I have been a customer for many years and always been able to access my security remotely which is essential for my needs, if Virgin have moved the goal posts they must appreciate I will have to move to an alternative ISP without exit penalty’s.

they are now playing dumb and stonewalling me.

there is a vast difference between a small cctv system server and media streaming.

they cannot start blocking Peoples security servers.


 I’m already doing that!

please leave this thread. 
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Alessandro Volta

really? then you must be doing the MAC filtering all VM see is your one WAN MAC they see nothing of your LAN MAC's  


go away!!

you annoying person.

take a hint!


Alessandro Volta
Are you hoping for someone from VM to get to you? my port 80 works fine

You are now being a stalker.

I have asked you to go away.

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@rprydd21 wrote:

They are blocking my MAC address. Period.

Do not comment on something you know nothing about.

he showed me the internal communication advising of the future procedures to block residential servers.

if you have nothing constructive to say say nothing please.

Oh dear, now where do we start?

Firstly, based on your other thread where you claim that you are a telecoms engineer with 25 years of experience, OK fair enough, now what makes you think that this is in any way relevant to IP WAN networking? It’s a bit like saying ‘well I’m a plumber with 25 years experience so naturally I know all about bricklaying as it all building and construction isn’t it’?

Block residential servers? What exactly does that mean? Blocking specific protocols or ports (incidentally, yes, I do this stuff for a living, so I really, really do know what I’m talking about and can recognise BS at 100 paces, so please just drop the attitude if you want any help)? As stated, it doesn’t mean anything at all does it? Exactly what did this tech show you? And do you think that a lowly field-service tech (with all due respect) would know what VM’s plans are and be prepared to share them with a customer - a sacking offence surely?

Or, be honest, had you already decided that obviously VM must be blocking your server (because naturally it couldn’t be anything you have done, could it?), said that to the tech, who agreed with you because they simply wanted to get out and get on to the next job?

OK, how about we start afresh, oh, and by the way regarding your other thread about release without penalty, no chance, read the Ts and Cs!

So in order,

a) I assume that you can access your NVR from a local connection, no?

b) You have checked that your WAN IP address hasn’t changed?

c) If you truly think that VM are blocking post 80 (and really why 80), them change the port, or if your IVR doesn’t support that then do a bit or port translation on your firewall. You said that you have your own router so you aren’t dependent on what VM provide, no?

Oh, and lastly, MAC addresses, they have no meaning across a routed connection, which I’m sure you must already know with your ‘vast knowledge’, so no, they aren’t blocking connections to your IVR via it’s MAC address because they don’t know what it is!

And really lastly, I can still access a home server on my public IP address so if what you say is true, then VM really aren’t doing a good job of ‘blocking home servers’ are they? Or maybe they just have it in for you!

Yawn, yawn! Yawn! 

Alessandro Volta

I think you be happier on a CGNAT🤣


@rprydd21 wrote:

Yawn, yawn! Yawn! 

Fair enough, I absolutely guarantee you won’t be getting any further meaning help on here. But please do enjoy your lack of access to your NVR!