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Issue with Hub not allowing devices internet access after device has been switched off for a while

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 Got the latest Virgin Hub which is slowly driving me insane. For some reason when any of my devices have been switched off for a while (couple of hours +) they do not get internet access, although they are connected to either the hub, or now the asus rt-ax82u router I bought to try and resolve the issue (so hub is now in modem mode)

This happens for wired and wireless devices, but only if they've been switched off for a while. My phone is constantly connected and has internet access at all times as I only reboot this when needs updating etc.

Anything else, like my laptops or main PC or TV's etc. won't connect correctly when switching back on. I have to unplug the hub and router, leave them a few mins, switch the router back on, wait for it to initialise, then switch the hub back on and wait again.

Once this is done then devices will connect and have internet access and are fine until they're switched off for a while again. Whilst this works, it's not viable as my partner needs to use her laptop and have to go through the same rigmarole to get her stuff connected, but can't always do that as I work from home and need remote connections to servers for running code etc. which terminates the connection if my internet drops.

It's absolutely infuriating and I'm all out of ideas. Virgin have been out to check the connection and said it should all be fine. I do think there is some issue with the hub, but it's not been replaced.

Any one had this or a similar issue? Any help would be appreciated 🙂


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Very odd issue considering it affects both the HUB in router mode, and a third party router with the HUB in modem mode!

What other devices do you have in your home (Switches, repeaters, APs, etc.)?

Are the devices provided an IP address when turned back on?

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Just an unmanaged switch that has a few devices connected to it, my work laptop and main pc are connected directly to the router by ethernet.I've fully disabled the switch and just had one device connected via ethernet to the router (and also the hub when using that as router previously) and the same thing happens.

They don't have IP addresses assigned, the network notification icon in the tray next to the clock on windows 11 switches from the globe icon indicating no internet access to the wired indicator and in network and settings it will keep saying it's identifying, but never actually connects.

If I check the router status via my phone, it does show the ethernet devices connected.

Hi Jimmy_Whispers,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties connecting to our network once you have turned your devices off. 

Can we ask if you're using a switch which is connected to ethernet ports on the 3rd party router, this is because once the Hub goes into Modem Mode it won't provide any network settings etc these are provided via the 3rd party equipment for the wireless network. 

Also, can we ask if your 3rd party router has no updates or pending updates required. 

Our Hub in router mode takes care of everything, wired wireless settings the lot. Once it's put into modem mode it solely provides a connection through one port to the 3rd party equipment. This means the 3rd party equipment is responsible for the wireless network, settings etc.

We would ask if you have set up the 3rd party router with the same wireless network details and password as the Hub would provide.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Just to confirm, this happens to devices when using the hub as a router without a 3rd party router. I bought the router to see if it was an issue there, unfortunately still have the issue, but we do get better coverage with the 3rd party router. This also happens to the wired and wireless devices.

This does work correctly as things are fine once connected, just when they've been powered off for a while we are having the issues.

This has been happening since we moved. I had a Hub in router mode in the old house with my switch for wired devices and wireless working at all times. However, when we've moved, we did get an upgrade to 1gig and the engineer advised the router we did have at the time wouldn't handle the speed so has been replaced and we've had the issues since then. We have had an engineer out to test the actual connection to the house/cabinet etc and that is fine it seems. I'm leaning towards it being the hub itself not operating correctly.

I'm not sure what you mean about setting up the 3rd party router with the same network details and password if I'm honest. I change the SSID to be something more memorable and also the password to be something I remember, which I have used the same on both the hub and the 3rd party router, which is also the same as what I had for my old router too.

Oh, and the 3rd party router is not pending any updates 🙂

Thanks for coming back to me Jimmy_Whispers,

This is a really strange one. As you have advised, all worked fine before getting your new router and the engineer confirmed all connections are fine coming into the property, all the signs are pointing towards the hub.

Due to this, I will pop you over a private message and take some details, click on the envelope to accept the chat.

Kind regards Jodi. 


A Shut down >>> Restart on a Windows computer often restores internet connectivity.

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this only happens when the device has been off for a few hours and also affects windows/linux/android/tizen devices, so it's not just a case of restarting the device unfortunately, wish it was as that would be manageable!


When you restart one of these " windows/linux/android/tizen devices " & it fails to connect, check the device's network adaptor details.

Check to see if it has an IP in the expected range, the correct gateway / mask / DNS,  the  ASUS Router may be able to display its  DHCP table to confirm it allocated the IP.