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Internet issues

On our wavelength

Hi everyone, a rather strange issue. On Microsoft teams images are not loading on my phone or on my laptop (work laptop) when I am connected via Ethernet or WiFi to my Virgin media internet. 
However, if I come off virgin media and use 4g or hot spot to my phone when using 4g then the images load fine. 
anyone every experienced anything like that? My work are saying it has to be my network if the issue is only happening when on Virgin. 
PS there is an engineer coming out tomorrow but unsure how to explain this one to him - not sure if he might say I have to take it up with my work, but my work are saying it’s on virgin to fix. 
Hope some parts of that made sense lol. 


Tuning in

Sounds like the same issues a lot of us are experiencing today (check out the other threads regarding google services) the engineer wont be able to do anything.

On our wavelength

Sorry mattyp3 I thought I had replied to this but doesn’t appear to have sent. 
Aw I didn’t realise other people were experiencing some similar issues as well. 
seems to be getting worse as the night goes on as well. 
Hopefully sorted for the morning but I doubt it lol 

Hi @Alex_1991 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of any broadband issues.

I note from checking the system, that the engineer visit has happened. Has this sorted everything? Let me know if you need further help.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Hi @John_GS. 

the engineer came and was extremely helpful. She checked over the router etc and confirmed everything was working fine on my side. 
However, I appear to still be having a routing issue when accessing certain azure sites etc and issues with teams. Is there any update on this issue as it seems a lot of people have been reporting this on various forums. 

On our wavelength

Sorry @John_GS I should add I have not been able to test today as I had to take a days annual leave due to the issue. 
Can I test on Monday and report back please? 

Hi @Alex_1991, no problem at all.

Please report back to us tomorrow.



Hey @Daniel_Et - I was able to test tonight and everything appears fine now. 
Thanks to you and the VM team for the help.

much appreciated 

Could someone at VM explain what the issue was please that we were seeing? 


Thanks for coming back to us Alex_1991, the agent that you spoke to noted that there was an issue with your connection stability but was not able to find any local outages, when they checked, we cannot see any outages that have been resolved in your area between the date you reported the issues and today.

Kind Regards,