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Intermittent dropouts

Up to speed

We are experiencing pixelation on our to service, any channel we are on, and dropouts on the internet. This has been going on for a while. The Wi-Fi was the worst, so we put the router into modem mode and added a couple of Deco units for Wi-Fi, but I am experiencing dropouts whilst on teams calls for work.

I added a network monitor to my work laptop browser, and it registered 9 dropouts in the last day - all around 10-15 seconds.

as this effecting to too, I assume it is the feed?

M200 | MaxIT TV | Sky Sports | Talk Weekends | 10yrs +

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi stevej47,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some connection issues. We've had a look at things from our side and can see it's been some time since the hub was last rebooted. 

Can you please do this and report back on if there is any improvement?


The hub is not the issue here. The hub does not feed my V6 box, yet TV pixelates. For me, the signals are either poor, or the splitter is poor as this is effecting both services. Can you check signal strength, or book an engineer please? 

M200 | MaxIT TV | Sky Sports | Talk Weekends | 10yrs +

You did mention WiFi issues alongside the TV pixelation issues (even with using TP-Link Decos with the Hub in modern mode) 

Can see you’ve said the issues are on all TV channels.

I’m not a VM staff member (so cannot really help with the TV issues) but I (or one of the other community members) would be happy to take a look at the logs from (although VM will want the VM hub acting as the router for testing purposes - surprised they didn’t ask for this to be done)

I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Had it just been the WiFi, I would agree with you, but this is everything. My work Intel NUC has a constant test on the network running and there are plenty of dropouts recorded. WiFi is poor on personal laptop, and TV pixelates. For me it all comes down to the feed and not the hub, or the Deco units. 

I am surprised that no staff has offered any help here other than the 'on/off' method. Certainly considering the time this thread has been open now. 

M200 | MaxIT TV | Sky Sports | Talk Weekends | 10yrs +

100% agree - I wouldn’t be happy either.

If you go to  and post the upstream, downstream and network logs from ‘check router status’ I might be able to provide some insight into what’s causing the issues with the BB. If the TV is affecting all channels, I reckon there’s some issues with signal (affecting TV and BB)

Sometimes the VM team like to ignore obvious issues

I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Hi stevej47,

Thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear about the issue you've been having with your services. 

We are happy to take a look into this for you. I will private message you now to confirm your details.