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Hub Upgrade

Long story short, I have been having non stop issues with the Hub 3 and packet loss / dropouts. The hub is in modem mode and passes through to a pfsense router. The cause of this issue has been confirmed as the terrible choice of CPU in the hub 3 that can't handle the packets. I have had multiple engineer visits and all equipment replaced. (FYI the issue isn't present in router mode as this stops the tunnels from connecting)

As the Hub 3 can not handle UDP / ESP traffic without issue, I am unable to use any IPSec tunnels from home that are required for work.

As I am stuck in the middle of an 18 month contract I want to upgrade to the Hub 4 so that I am actually able to work from home.

@Virgin Forum Staff, How can I upgrade to the Hub4 so that I can finally get this issue resolved?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub Upgrade

You may not get a hub 4

VM have likely made the hub 3 not handle UDP /ESP packets in modem mode and think ( or have) get away without fixing it two stop people running IPSec tunnels.

There is no excuse why this can't be fixed and for UDP /ESP packets to be handled just as fast as TCP /ICMP in modem mode.

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