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Hub 5 upgrade?

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Wondering if I can get a free upgrade to the Hub5? We get good signal in front room but me n both kids all game in the furthest corners of the house and suffer with low download speeds and drop out. Thanks


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Oh we currently have the hub 3.


Don't assume a change of Hub will make the slightest difference to Wi-Fi coverage ( range ).

If you need to extend the coverage to more of your home look for a Wireless Access Point that can be placed exactly where needed or perhaps a Wireless Repeater / Extender.

For into ... to cover 2 levels and 12 rooms we have a Hub 3 in Router mode + 2 Wireless Access Points.

Nope. Only new Gig1 customers get those. You are better off putting the Hub 3 in modem mode and using your own better router. Or else see

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