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Hub 4 Modem Mode

Just upgraded to Virgin Gig1 Fibre with Hub 4 from M200 Fibre Broadband).

Wanted to use Asus AX6100 (RT-AX92U 2 Pack) WiFi 6 System as mesh router to improve WiFi signal through house.

Hub 4 WiFi in router mode is better than Super Hub 3 in router mode but not great coverage in two storey house.

Got to say, it was a very smooth transition. No issues with DHCP mode for WAN on router, seems to be configured that way out of the box.

Switched Hub 4 from Router mode into Modem mode using (changes to for modem only access).

Connected AX92U unit with no problem, booting up modem first then Hub 4 connected using Cat 7 cable, then booted up first Asus unit (ground floor), then added second (first floor) via Asus Router configuration page

Changed network to previous SSID / password & all existing WiFi devices connected without issue then added Guest Network.

No issues, dowloaded Asus Router App for iPhone for monitoring & firmware updates.

Got to say Wi-Fi performance is superb 350 to 540 Mbps Download & 40 to 50 Mbps Upload throughout the house. Was getting this in same room as Hub 4 when in router mode but this decreased significantly in other areas of the house.

The second 5 GHz channel is dedicated to WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) backhaul channel between Asus units but you can use Ethernet cable instead.

I have no 801.11 ax devices yet to verify performance improvements on that band but will have soon.

Conclusion: Virgin Hub 4 & Asus AX6100 (2 Pack) mesh WiFi, a great combination.




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