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Hub 3 WiFi opened to public itself

Tuning in

WiFi is open to everyone, no password required. 

This is what I have done :

Pin hole reset for 60 seconds. Factory reset via and no change. After every reset wifi is open to everyone and after every reset takes wifi 40 mins to show up. I can access Internet via Ethernet. On settings everything looks fine. I have changed the channels, name, passwords etc and no change.

I have followed the VM steps "how to"  but nothing helped. 



This is how one could configure Open Wi-Fi on the Hub 3.

On Hub 3 menu page:  Advanced settings >>> Wireless >>> Security

Set Security to Disabled  ( the Wi-Fi password is removed from view )

The correct Security setting should be WPA2-PSK for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
with password of at least 8 characters.


The correct Security setting should be WPA2-PSK for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
with password of at least 8 characters.

This is what I have got on my hub


Try Security Disabled - Apply settings

Then Security WPA2-PSK - Apply settings

If this does not jog the Hub to re-engage the Wi-Fi encryption and the password,  the Hub will need to be replaced.

I have randomly changed settings from disable to enable etc without change. I decided to do the last factory reset before bin it and when factory reset was done, I pressed "apply settings" several times without changing anything. Every "apply settings" I was waiting around 30 minutes for WiFi. FINALLY my WiFi is encrypted and safe but how long for? 


I should request a new Hub as you say for how long, and when might is not work at all.

Our Hub 3 takes just a few seconds for the screen to refresh after a change to the Security settings and Apply settings. It then takes the Hub 3 about 2 mins to complete the configuration changes to the WI-Fi & it is done and devices are working again.