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Hub 3.0 removing devices at random again


My Hub 3.0 is causing us problems again.  Last August it started removing various devices from the Wifi at random intervals, so for example one of us could be in a Teams meeting and our Wifi signal would either disappear or come up with a No Internet Connection error.  After 3 months of trying to get hold of Customer Services someone did look into this and said we had too many devices (16) all trying to connect to the 2.5 Mhz network and so he renamed the 5Mhz Network and told us to connect to that one and to forget the 2.5Mhz Network.

The problem has now come back with a vengeance and it's making doing work/school from home very hard and in many cases we are having to revert to using Mobile data.  I reset the Hub every morning which means generally in the morning we have a reliable-ish connection but by the afternoon the Hub has had enough and we loose Wifi connections.  It doesn't matter where in the house you are.  I'm now finding for example the 2.5Mhz network is now the more reliable than the 5MHz.  Even my usual trick of turning the wi-fi off and back on again on the laptop doesn't work - I lose any connection.  My mobile devices are more than happy on the Virgin Media hotspot connection but don't like either the 2.5Mhz/5Mhz connections when the hub is being slow.  Weirdly the Virgin Connect app can't find a blackspot anywhere.

I've been trying to get hold of Customer Services but failing miserably - just end up with automated tools telling me to do a Factory Reset.

Any suggestions what I could do?





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