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Hitron - No option for modem mode/RG function?

Tuning in

I've recently switched over to using the business service as I need a static IP for working from home. Like many I like to use my own networking kit and assumed I'd be able to switch out the old hub, have the new one installed and just use it as a modem as I did before.

I'm following the instructions on Virgin's own site, except the router I've been supplied doesn't have the RG Function on the menu? Has anyone else had to deal with this? It was a little frustrating having it fitted yesterday, but there's nobody at Virgin I can speak to until Monday. 

On my setup




What the website seems to think should be there.





Alessandro Volta

You need to speak to the business support team. 

This forum is for residential service support. 

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, is it a static IP?  I don't think there is an option to put a static/multi-static into modem mode.  The option for residential gateway function will usually not show if its not a dynamic IP


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Thanks. I guessed that might be the case, but frustratingly, until this gets sorted, I'm back in the office. When their lines are open. 

Still find it bonkers I had to switch to business to get a static IP. 

Just a single one

Alessandro Volta

Still find it bonkers I had to switch to switch to business to get a static IP. 

Well your not going to get a static IP in modem mode.

what IP does your PC get to the Hitron something like 192.168.0.x


Why wouldn't you get a static IP in modem mode? If it was a large site, rather then a domestic property I assume they don't expect the Hitron to do all the routing? 

I don't really want to end up with double NAT

Yes, currently it's on 192.168.0.x subnet.


Alessandro Volta

Maybe your Hitron needs a firmware update

You will not get a static IP in modem mode because VM don't list your IP on the first hop gateway so that no one can use it what happens is the Hitron gets a random IP then builds a GRE tunnel to so where that VM will not say where your static IP is.


VM likely are not giving out the GRE gateway end point because its likely not password protected or it just uses the one password for everyone and its to stop others who is also on Business getting your IP's.


Hopefully it is as simple as a firmware update, but worrying. I must confess my knowledge of WAN stuff isn't great so had to do some reading one GRE tunnels. How do large companies deal with this kind of thing? I've only got a single WAP and TP Link wired router at the moment, but when we move shortly was hoping to add more and can see this causing problems. Also not ability to change DNS on the router which makes my Pi Hole a bit useless for phones and other devices.  Pretty sure if I'd have gone with Zen this probably wouldn't have been an issue, but obviously not as fast.



@global33 large companies don't have this issue because the way they get their internet connections are completely different, what would you say to £500 a month for a gigabit connection (admittedly that's symmetric but still) - you get what you pay for.

Now as far as I understand it, to do what you want with your own kit, you need the option to have five static IP addresses and then they can be allocated to your own equipment.

Incidentally, are you absolutely sure you need a static IP address? The usual VM domestic connection gives addresses which although technically dynamic, are very 'sticky' and can remain the same for years.