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High speeds yet poor internet

Tuning in


For about 6 days now I've been having internet issues. Certain sites will not load or will load extremely slowly. The virgin media connect app I'm using now to watch football now is saying my internet is poor quality and sometimes turns the stream off it has poor picture quality to.

Connecting to a vpn solves some issues. Mainly just reddit though. Without a vpn reddit can take minutes to load and buffers even the shortest videos.

Netflix and amazon prime seem to work fine. YouTube usually denotes 480p to start off with now also. 

The issues are present on wired and wireless devices. I have done various speed tests and packet loss test which show my connection speed is fine. My internal network is fine also with no packet loss. Everything has been rebooted to no avail. Pretty stumped to be honest as everything is saying it is fine but it is clearly not.

Any help would be appreciated.



I have been having a lot of hte problems you have seeing for a while, most of the time I try and load this site it can take 10-20s and trying to browse 9gag a lot of the time is pure torture having to wait up to a minute for things to load and the videos on there constantly starting and stopping and the trolley website I can do one or two searches then it goes super slow for a couple minutes but works again after.

A lot of the time I try and load samknows realspeed test site its just a blank white page whilst loading for at least a good 30 seconds.

This has been going on a couple months.

Hi @alphaomega16 


Thanks for your response and sorry to hear about your issue.


Does this only occur on a certain website? How has your overall broadband performance been across all of your devices?



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Tuning in

I have changed my DNS to cloudflare and it has helped with some sites/apps but others still continue to have struggles.

I will report back when the engineer has been but I think it is something on Virgin's end. A few on my street are having the same issues. 

On our wavelength

I'm having the same issue but it's been like this for about 18 days, I've rang up twice now and had a engineer out yet the issue persists. Virgin Media seem to be sweeping the issue under the carpet, yet loads of people have mentioned the exact same problem on this forum. Even asked on a local community page on Facebook if anybody on Virgin Media's broadband is having issues with webpages not loading or loading slowly or when they do load images and stuff don't and videos buffer or load in extremely low resolution. Got loads of comments back saying yes they're having the exact same problems. Yet when I do speed test my speeds are fine.

at what point do Virgin Media see multiple people complaining about the exact same issues open their eyes and think you know what maybe there's a issue on our network somewhere. The OP is like the 10th person on this forum alone I've seen mention they're having the same issues just worded differently in the 17 or so days I've been on the forum.

EDIT: Even the Engineer said I'm not the first person in my area to complain about the exact same issues

How do I go about getting help for this issue? please... 18 days now it's unacceptable.

Tuning in

Seems to be getting worse, yet latency,

Tuning in

Seems to be getting worse. It's like being on dial up.

It's impossible to work from home so I'm having to go into the office. 

Gaming is a no go as it says I have 10 seconds ping yet when I do speed and ping tests its all fine. 

BBC website, reddit, sky sports, this one won't load and the virgin go app is unwatchable.

I'm not hopeful the engineer will find anything wrong because all external and internal tests say its fine. It's got to be something deeper into Virgin's infrastructure. 

A few neighbours who are on virgin are also experiencing these problems. 

Hello Tomo28

Like I said further up this post I'm having the same issues I'll attach some of my ping tests to this comment but according to Virgin Media no faults on my line or in my area. Ones Googles DNS which seems to be ok minus the maximum being 108ms and Virgin Media's DNS and Cloudflare's DNS speak for themselves.


 google dns test.JPGpacket loss DNS packet loss.JPG

Hi mate 

I have done something similar but don't have any packetloss weirdly as that is the first thing I thought was going to be the issue. 

Tried multiple routers as well so it's not that.