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Gig1 / Hub 5 constant drop outs requiring a restart

Joining in

Since Thursday last week I've been experiencing constant internet drop outs that end up requiring a router restart. This didn't happen previously on my 500mb line/Hub 4 setup. It doesn't matter if I'm connected via ethernet or wireless, the whole connection just drops and I need to restart the router to get back online.


Broadband Quality Monitor:


Router Status:


Downstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID
12750000007.739QAM 25618
21390000008.139QAM 2561
31470000008.239QAM 2562
41550000008.239QAM 2563
51630000008.139QAM 2564
61710000007.839QAM 2565
71790000007.839QAM 2566
81870000007.839QAM 2567
91950000008.139QAM 2568
10203000000839QAM 2569
112110000008.139QAM 25610
122190000008.239QAM 25611
132270000008.239QAM 25612
142350000008.139QAM 25613
152430000008.139QAM 25614
162510000007.939QAM 25615
172590000007.739QAM 25616
182670000007.739QAM 25617
192830000007.639QAM 25619
202910000007.739QAM 25620
212990000007.539QAM 25621
223070000007.339QAM 25622
233150000007.439QAM 25623
243230000007.839QAM 25624
253310000007.939QAM 25625
263390000008.138QAM 25626
273470000008.339QAM 25627
283550000008.439QAM 25628
293630000008.639QAM 25629
303710000008.639QAM 25630
313790000008.539QAM 25631


Upstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID
Not Available

Upstream bonded channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts

Not Available





There are no Upstream Channels connected. This service fault could be affecting all the folks in your street.

I've checked the page and there's no broadband faults showing up in my area? Says everything is fine.


The service status link only reports service defects that are on a massive scale, like a TV / Internet outage affecting thousands of homes,

Check for a known local fault on 0800 561 0061 - it is an automated service.
Customer Support are on 150 or 0345 454 1111 from a non-VM phone - to report the fault.

Joining in

Issue is still happening even after the local issue has been resolved. No known faults on the automated phone line. 

Can anyone from Virgin chime in? This is ridiculous, I've restarted 5+ times today 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi rdj96,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Sincere apologies for the service issues that you're facing, just from checking our system I can see that you are currently affected by an area fault.

I can understand at this time this can be frustrating, the estimated fix time for this is the 13th September at 9AM.

Our team will be working to resolve this matter as soon as they can.