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Ethernet not connecting HUB3

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Every time i restart my PC, it doesnt connect via ethernet. Every other device wireless is working however the ethernet connected PC doesnt. Rebooting the router seems to fix it but nothing else. Not the PC as connected to internet via ethernet elsewhere and it doesnt have this problem

Not sure what else to do, convinced its a Hub issue. Any thoughts?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Have you tried another "known good" Cat 6 ethernet cable?  Have you swapped the cable ports on the Hub? What do the lights on the Hub ports show when the PC is switched on?

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Have tried other known good cat 6 cables and seem to have the same issue. Tried each port on the hub. Light is solid white

Hey Conwakk,

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I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your router's ethernet ports at the moment, are you able to try a pin hole reset of your router, to see if that can help, if this doesn't help, we may need to send a technician out to replace your hub. 

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I have the same problem.   Where the Ethernet connection stops working when I start the PC though working fine when turning off/hibernating PC

I have even tied assigning a fixed ip adfress and I thought that had fixed it but it hasn't.

Have also done a factory reset but with no change.

Do I need a replacement hub3? I'm literally 8 days into my contract with no end of issues. 





Apart from from the PC that is not working, what else is connected to the Hub 3's network ports ?

Tuning in

one other ethernet cable to a 4 port hub.

Tuning in

The internet on the PC is working or not working, it just depends when I switch it on it will give me an internet connection or it wont.  I've just switched it back on after my message 3hrs ago (by phone) and now it has given me a connection.   The hub 3 menu ( doesn't show the ethernet connection always so that's of no help in determining what's happening at that end.  The PC end has a fixed IP address.


I have an HP PC connected to a Hub 3 in Router mode and its IP is via DHCP its speed selection is Automatic.

Might be worth a look over the PC LAN adaptor settings to make sure user configurable settings are all reasonable.

If the 4 port Hub is disconnected from the Hub 3 does the PC start to work via DHCP ?

Alessandro Volta

Remove the fixed IP address, ensure that Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically are both checked and I will expect that all will be OK when the PC gets a dynamically assigned IP address.

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