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Do I need to return kit?

Tuning in



I recently finished my virgin media contract on the 21st of September. I have still not received anything about returning the kit- does this mean I am not required to return anything or have I just not been contacted?

I would really like to be certain either way as I am aware that I only have 30 days to return our items before being charged.

Thanks in advance!


Alessandro Volta

See below for info on equipment returns

The Hub 3 has also recently been added back onto the list

Up to speed

When you say you ‘finished your contract on 21st September’, what does that mean? Did you contact VM 30 days before to formally give notice?


Assume you will have to return all the kit. VM have current form for verbally ( via phone) saying recycle the kit and writing a several months later to request the kit is returned and then charging a fee if you are unable to do so.   Best to avoid that trap.  

Tuning in

Thanks to everyone who replied. I ended up having to request them to send the kit out to me. Only after I got in contact did they reach out to let me know that the kit needed to be returned. Not sure why they didnt contact me earlier.