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Denial of Service attacks

Tuning in

I was recently hit with a denial of service attack via playstation network. I have a dynamic IP address so I was able to get back online but I am wanting to know is my network still compromised? 



This first post is utter nonsense.

How is it utter nonsense?

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Hey @UrbanBackflip,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have had this issue, I can see since this post you have contacted the team, were they able to provide you with some further information? 

Thanks. Joe

Hello yes, they told me that the person saying dynamic IP won't stop him was just scare tactics and that the individual can't spoof my old IP address for malicious purposes because if it is detected they can see who it was who did it so it won't come back to me, he also mentioned that only way the hacker could do more harm is if he had access to my home WiFi network or if I had a pc which the hacker could have gained access to but because he only got my IP on PlayStation using external software he's not able to hack into my playstation to keep gaining my IP address. Customer support also told me about virgin media's websafe service to protect me from malicious websites. But all in all as long as I don't contact this individual I should be safe.

Get a third-party router with DDOS protection and stick the Hub in Modem mode. 

Alessandro Volta

@DylanK01 wrote:

Get a third-party router with DDOS protection and stick the Hub in Modem mode. 

Sure but DDOS protection dose not work like that if you get a flood of UDP at 200Mb being on a 100Mb connection nothing the router can do and the hub will be trying to rate limit the DDoS with high latency.