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Connect app pausing issues

Joining in

Paused my son’s PlayStations the other day. Pausing said failed and came up with an error. Turns out it did pause it but is showing both of them as active. When I try to pause them again it fails with an error. So I am stuck with 2 PlayStations that cannot use the internet. I am using the hub 4. And I tried both android and iOS app versions. Same results. 


It always used to work, I just pressed a button on the app and it stopped the internet working on that device, whether it was laptop, phone, Xbox. Not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of wanting to turn it off certain devices every now and again!

Alessandro Volta

It's the later devices that will bypass MAC blocking, either by default or with a simple setting.

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All the same devices that used to work but ho hum! Will use the block internet function directing through the hub settings for certain times

By Jove !
I think he's not got it.


Hi all,

We're very sorry that you're experiencing some issues when pausing / un-pausing devices through the connect app.

We’re aware of the issue and we have a fix that will be deployed shortly for customers with a Hub 3.0, Hub 4 and Hub 5.

We are still working on a fix for customers with the Hub 5x and will update this thread again with any further updates as we get them.

Kind regards,

Community Moderation Team

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Unfortunately most modern devices, especially phones can randomise their MAC address which renders the Hubs blocking mechanism useless.

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