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Cannot connect to wifi on Hub 3

Joining in


For a little while now it has been impossible to connect devices to the main Wi-Fi/broadband network. I can only connect my devices to the 5g network on my pc or phone (as well as most of my families' devices) the main Wi-Fi network is available, however, when you enter the correct password it either says "incorrect password" or "unable to join this network". I have reset the box a handful of times but nothing seems to work. I logged on the router status and found the network log filled with error and critical priority issues. Examples: No Ranging Response received, DHCP RENEW WARNING - Field invalid in response, RCS Partial Service, SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync and finally LAN login FAILED : Incorrect Username / Password / - but the password is correct.

To be fair I don't know too much about the error messages but something is clearly wrong and I've read online that I would need to contact you guys to figure out the issue etc needing an engineer to look. 

Can post the up/downdstream if needed of course.

Thanks in advance. (Account is in a family members name)



To trigger a factory reset of the Hub 3 press the RESET button for 60 seconds, then leave the Hub 3 powered on.

Once the factory reset completes ( it takes some time ) the Hub 3 should revert to using the Wi-Fi Password and the numeric Hub Password printed on the bottom side sticker.  If this does not occur, request a replacement Hub.

Joining in

Thank you, I shall give that a try tonight!

Alessandro Volta

Reset always a bloody reset I mean really if VM CMTS needed a reset it be a pain in the back side.

I doubt a reset will fix the real issue maybe just roll back to a old firmware and then at some point update.

Put hub in modem mode its been tested to just work then get your own router with 1Gb ports