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Booster not connecting after VM outage HELP please

Someone please help. I live in Cardiff and earlier there was yet another virgin media outage. It looks like that's been fixed but since it happened the boosters in my house share aren't connecting. They're a tenda nova MW3 set of 3. When setting them up I was asked to enter a name for the booster connection and I used the street name but now it's reverted back to the original name. I tried hitting the reset button on the primary booster but no change and on the app none of the boosters are showing. I can't find any decent troubleshooting for this and my landlord expects one of us to try and fix it. Someone please help I'm trying to do university research and I can't rely on the VM signal.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Booster not connecting after VM outage HELP please

You need to factory reset all the Tenda Nova nodes probably and re-set up from scratch.

This seems more like an issue with them than the Virgin hub.

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