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Attempted Cancellation with issues and fee caps not applied

Joining in

I have been trying to cancel my GIG1 contract/account after moving home at the end of June and having been a VM customer for over 4 years.

It makes sense financially to go with the FTTP competitor in the area which is over 50% less even if I pay for disconnection, due to a 6 month free deal and £25 cost per month.

After confirming that my contract was started in April 2022 and finishes in March 2024 and then asking about terminating my contract I was told the disconnection fee is £341.65 Due to the early termination fee cap I think I should only pay the maximum fee of £288 as stated in the Ts&Cs.

When asked if I wanted to cancel - my response was yes as long as its the £288 fee. The agent who was barely understanding then confirmed that they closed my account and my final fee will be the full £341.65.

Is there anything I can do here?


Super solver

As you say the Ts and Cs state: 

"If your current contract with us started prior to 4th April 2023, any Early Disconnection Fee will be capped at £288 (includes VAT). If you are a new or recontracting customer on or after 4 April 2023, this cap does not apply."

Wait for the forum team to respond and hopefully sort it out. 


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @sheepy96, and a very warm welcome to you.

Let's take a closer look into the account and we'll see the status of the balance and advise how and possibly why this may be above the £288.00 cap, or confirm that the advice given over the phone is incorrect.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for the private message from me.

Kindest regards,


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi sheepy96,

David is currently out of office so I've assigned this to myself to investigate.

I've dropped you a PM so we can discuss further.