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Anyone had throughput issues with TP-Link Deco M4?

I bought a TP-Link Deco M4 whole home mesh wifi system the other day, on the recommendation of some people on the forum (and external reviews). The wireless is excellent, but I'm having issues with throughput on a gigabit ethernet connection. My PC is wired into the master hub, which is connected to the VM modem (in modem only mode). I get a consistent max speed of 233Mbps, and upload dead on 29.5Mbps. It's as though the device is throttling the throughput down to that. When I was using the VM Hub as the router, I was getting a solid 553Mbps downstream, and 37Mbps up. I've also tried downloading on multiple devices, and the max internet bandwidth available whole network seems to top out at 233Mbps. I've rebooted, and it doesn't seem to have made a difference. 

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with TP-Link hardware?

Sorry if this is a bit off topic. I know most questions on here are directly relating to VM hardware. Just thought I'd put it out there.

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Re: Anyone had throughput issues with TP-Link Deco M4?

There has been few post about the M4 limited Wi-Fi speed. This a basic spec entry level dual band suitable to maybe M200 package.

If you have M500 would be better investing in a triple band kit such as older Netgear RBK50 about £250..awesome reviews.

But if you getting 200+ on that mesh its decent.

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Re: Anyone had throughput issues with TP-Link Deco M4?

You tried adding the PC to the Deco app's QoS list? 

Apart from that I can't help as I'm using my M4 on a 200 Mbps connection.  You're probably best off asking the TP-Link user forums?

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