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Android devices connected with no internet

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Looking for some help/advice on the following please!

From this morning, all our Android devices (phones & tablets) have lost internet connection. They are connected to the WiFi but with no internet. It seems all other non-Android devices in the house are connected with no issues (have been working on a work laptop with no problem and Alexa/Sonos/Hive and personal PC all connect OK with internet access).

I know it's not the Android device as have used a hotspot to connect to the internet.

Have restarted router and done a factory reset & also restarted the Android devices (and forgotten/reconnected to the WiFi. Still same Connected with no internet message. Not sure what else to try - VM Connect wont work as on Android device!




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Same problem here gsb1980. All smart devices, laptop, desktop etc working normally - 2 Android mobiles connected but no internet. Messaged Virgin - but just get the usual platitudes with no acknowledgment there is a problem.


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This is the same issue as the other recent threads on here (google services and VM not playing ball together)

100% an issue on VM’s end that they’re supposedly working on (chat and phone reps seem to know nothing about it though)

Alessandro Volta

Bad firmware may take years to fix or you can go and get your own wifi router with 1Gb ports and put hub in modem mode.



Do these Android devices have Private DNS set to ?    
If yes, try with that disabled to use the VM DNS.

Community elder

Try setting DNS manually to (Google) and see if that resolves (Under Settings/Wi-FI).