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Adding and deleting Port Forwarding Rules not working

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I was tring to get Destiny 2 working on the PS5. The game can connect to the internet and function but it uses p2p hosts and as soon as it I enter a multiplayer/public space it disconnects. It needs NAT 1 or certain ports forwarded.

Set a static IP address for the PS5. PS5 had NAT 2 and the router had uPnP on. This should be enough. First I tried switching the PS5 from WiFi to LAN ethernet connection. No difference. Then forwarding the recommended ports:

TCP: 1935, 3478-3480
UDP: 3074, 3478-3479

But came across this error. Stopping me from making changes.

Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 00.08.32.png


I switched off UPnP, which i hadnt until that point since it was allowing some ports. But that made no difference. Then I tried to delete the 3478-3480 tcp rule to do it on both since i couldn't add the udp rule 3478-3479 but that brings up the second bug in that I couldn't delete it! Tried rebooting the router. Discovered that you can delete rules if they aren't the first one and putting junk rules in just to let you delete the rule you want (as covered here)

Obviously, I tried many combinations of: adding several rules then deleting a load (thinkjing maybe they are there but not displaying so trying to push the "already exists" rules off a hidden list, rebooting the router, applying with Destiny 2 running or the ps5 off completely. Trying with UPnP on or off. No helkp. Testing in  game to see if UPnP on, static IP, ethernet, and half the rules on worked. Nope. Tried putting the PS5 IP in the DMZ which really should work, even though it's a terrible long term solution. (Rebooted Router and PS5) Still NAT 2.


I'm out of ideas. The HUB just seems buggy. Maybe a factory reset will let me add rules as I want? I didn't want to do that unless I had to.


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Replying to myself to add some not technical info but just some extra stuff that annoys me. I was excited to switch to virgin fibre from my rubbish 15mbps copper wire broadband so i could play online without lag. The router for that account wasn't great and would need resetting once in a whgilke and had bad range. But it ran Destiny 2 with no issues. I never had to fiddle with any router settings, it had a firewall and UPnP that just worked.


Also about 7 years ago I had Virgin fibre at a different house and I remember having to port forward to get NAT 1 before. I remember it being a pain in the bum then but at least I could make it work. Really dissappointed to say Virgin have made only negative progress with their routers. I'll be really upset if I have to go and buy 3rd party router because Virgin haven't fixed problems that have existed this long.

Hi @BennyBenBen 👋 Thank you for your post 😀

We're sorry to hear about the problems you've been having 😔

Advice on how to set up port forwarding on a Hub 3, including what to do if you’re still experiencing issues, can be found here

We'd recommend the use of a Broadband Quality Monitor (BQM). This is a free service from Think Broadband and is intended to measure the overall health of a broadband line as well as measuring latency.

You can set up a BQM for free by heading to A guide to how it works can be found here.

Please create and share a live graph as that will allow us and other community members who wish to help to see your connection quality in real-time.

It'll then need to run for at least 24 hours before we can see any results to work from.

Please pop back to us whenever you're ready and we'll do our very best to help.


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Nevermind. It turns out the problem is Bungie’s end. There are some issues with the port forwards not saving but a factory reset on the Hub solved this. Bungie’s servers got a new bug affecting returning players this week. 

Hello BennyBenBen,

Thanks for the update.

Great to hear the issue has now been resolved and you found our the cause as well.

Guess we can leave you in peace now and you can jump on Destiny 2.

If you do need anything else. please let us know.