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No escalation call after 'unreal' data charges


I use a Sim (monthly plan on DD) in a hub for home broadband. For 11 months all was more or less ok but a week ago my access was cut off. The first call resulted in my trying to buy more data... no fix.  The second call finally determined I had been racking up £3 / day / Gb charges to the tune of £99 and I was then cut off. Looking at my usage with the CS guy ( not easy as I can't use the app as home broadband as above) it seems some REALLY crazy data usages showing up in the prior week or so ( I suspect beyond the bandwidth of possibilities). The CS agreed it seemed 'dodgy' but could do nothing except offer me £20 to go away or 'upgrade me to a larger plan ( 50Gb * 2). Being desparate for connection this was done but I declined the £20 and he lodged an escalation. I was told a call would be 2hours but as it late Saturday the call would be Monday AM. Its now Thursday...nothing. I've since checked all items on the network and nothing used the alleged data. Any point of phoning again or should I simply go to ARBITRATION and cancel the (new) contract ??

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Re: No escalation call after 'unreal' data charges

Hi GerryFPerry,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear of this dispute and would like to assist you further with this.


I'll go ahead and send you a quick PM so we can discuss the account securely.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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